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PS-1F Bench Top Welding Positioner
Over 25 years selling quality welding positioners and turning rolls.  Low direct pricing. 

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By Admin 05 Oct, 2017
Above: PB2005 Pipe Bully Welding Positioner with optional RS-15 outboard support being readied for shipment.
By Admin 14 Aug, 2017
Below:   Model 1504 Welding Positioner with MAC WPT-600 Welding Chuck prior to crating and shipment to a customer site.  
By Admin 11 Aug, 2017
Below: MAC Model PS-2F-5-A Two Axis Welding Positioner being crated for shipment to customer site.  Shown with optional MT10 Welding Chuck.  
By Admin 11 Aug, 2017
Below:  Model 1504 Welding Positioner getting ready to be shipped out to a customer site.  This 1504 Welding Positioner is shown with a WPT 600 Welding Chuck .
By Admin 02 Aug, 2017
By Admin 18 Jul, 2017
Above: Model PB1005 controls prior to installation
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