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MODEL PS-1F Benchtop Welding Positioner

FREE MT 6 chuck a ($395 Value) with purchase of a PS-1F welding positioner.

MT6 chuck shown above mounted on PS-1F bench-top welding positioner.

Model PS-1F welding positioner with optional six inch chuck

Above: The MT 6 chuck package a ($395 Value) is FREE with the purchase of a PS-1F bench-top welding positioner.

Industry leading 500 Amp. Welding Ground

The model PS-1F weld positioner features the highest capacity welding ground in the industry. 500 amps at 50% duty cycle.

PS-1F Standard Features:

The PS-1F the ideal small bench top welding positioner.  The PS-1f has quality and features normally found on only much larger welding positioners. 

  • Solid State D.C. infinitely variable speed table rotation.
  • Heavy duty fully enclosed worm gear rotation drive.
  • On/off electric foot control.
  • 500 amp welding ground at 50% duty cycle.
  • 120 volt AC 50/60 Hz input power.
  • Machined table with centering grooves and 6 tee slots for ANSI Tee nuts.
  • High frequency protected for Tig welding.
  • Dynamic braking brings table rotation to a quick stop.
  • Durable baked on enamel paint finish.
  • Infinitely variable table tilting with degree scale.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise table rotation.
  • Highest quality design and construction available.

Specifications Model PS-1F Welding Positioner

Maximum capacity table in the flat position 200 lbs
Maximum capacity table at 90 degrees 100 lbs
Maximum rotation torque model PS-1F-5 110 lb-inches
Rotation centroid  max capacity model PS-1F-5 1 inch
Rotation centroid max capacity model PS-1F-15 0.39 inches
Tilting centroid at max capacity 2 inches
Table tilt degrees 0 to 90
Rotation speed model PS-1F-5 .3 to 5.0 rpm
Rotation speed model PS-1F-15 1 to 15 rpm
Table diameter 12 inches
Tee slots 6 at 60 degrees
Table height in the flat position 14.88 inches
Weight approximate 78 lbs

Below: PS-1F Welding Positioners in production at All-Fab Customer locations. Click images for more details.

welding positioner in production PS-1F welding positioner in production PS-1F Positioner
PS-1F Welding Positioner ps1F POSITIONER PS-1F Welding Positioner
PS-1F Welding Positioner PS-1F Positioner PS-1F welding positioner PS-1F

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