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Model 1504 Welding Positioner

1504 Welding Positioner 1504 Welding Positioner

Made in the U.S.A.

Above: Model 1504 with optional MT 16 Welding Chuck

Photo of Model 1504 with optional MT 16 Welding Chuck

Heavy duty all worm gear rotation drive

Load Chart Model 1504 Welding Positioner

Click on photos below of Model 1504 Welding Positioners being used in production by All-Fab Customers.

1504 welding positioner 1504 weldiing positioner 1504 welding positioner welding positioner 1504
1504 welding positioner Model 1504 Welding Positioner 1504 welding positioner
welding positioner in production 1504 Welding Positioner welding positioner in production
1504 welding positioner      

Standard features for the Model 1504 Welding Positioner

  • Solid state D.C. infinitely variable speed table rotation.
  • Heavy duty fully enclosed worm gear rotation drive.  No belts or chains.
  • On/off electric foot control.
  • 24 inch round table with 3 tee slots.
  • 400 amp welding ground at 100% duty cycle.
  • High frequency protected for Tig welding.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise table rotation.
  • Heavy duty tilt worm gear reducer with spur gear final drive 0 to 135 degrees.
  • Extra heavy frame and construction
  • Locating hole on dead center of table for locating chucks and fixtures.

Specifications for the model 1504 Welding Positioner

Capacity at 4" Center of Gravity and 4" Eccentricity 1500 lbs
Maximum Rotation Torque 6000 lb-inches
Maximum Tilt Torque 12945 lb-inches
Table Rotation Degrees 360
Table Tilt Degrees 135
Input Power 115 volt 60 Hz single phase
Rotation Motor 1/2 HP D.C.
Rotation Speed infinitely variable .06 to 1.4 rpm
Tilt Speed infinitely variable by hand
Table Diameter 24 inches
Tee Slots (3) at 120 for standard ANSI 5/8" tee nuts
Length Overall

38 inches

Height Overall 30 9/16 inches
Width Overall 41 inches
Anchor Bolt Holes in Base (4) for 3/8" anchor bolts
Weight Approximate 968 lbs

*1500 lb capacity at 4" center of gravity and 4" eccentricity. In a continuing effort to improve our products all features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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