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Model EX-R10-A Tank Turning Roll

Standard Features Model EX-R10-A Turning Rolls

  • Push Button Pendant Control – The hand held pendent control features a maintained Forward – Stop- Reverse push buttons along with a variable speed control dial, Emergency Stop button and 32 feet of control cable.

  • Foot Control – An on/off foot control is also provided with forward and reverse switch located at the control box.  A quick release plug in at the control box allows the foot control to be quickly and easily removed and stored when not in use.

  • LED frequency display for speed adjustment – An AC inverter drive provides infinitely variable roll speed, long life and low maintenance.  A sight window is provided at the control box to allow viewing the LED frequency display which can be used to quickly and accurately adjust the roll speed back to previous settings.

  • Low Voltage Controls – The control voltage used in the pendent, foot control and switches is stepped down to 24 volts DC and fused at 0.5 amps for greater operator safety.  

  • AC 120 Volts Input Power – The EX-R10 uses AC 120 volt 60 Hz single phase input power.   Allowing the rolls to be used anywhere in the shop. 

  • Qty 2 Heavy Duty Gear Drives – Both drive rolls are powered by a heavy duty direct gear drive and brake motor.  All of the gears and bearings are fully sealed and lubricated for long life and safety. 

  • Roll to Roll Adjustment - The roll to roll distance can be quickly and accurately adjusted to accommodate a wide range of work-piece diameters.  The EX-R10 has one roll that is fixed and the other roll is moveable.  The moveable roll is set to the desired position according the work-piece diameter and then locked into place with the lock pin.  The whole process takes only seconds. This system eliminates the many problems and time consumed using drive shafts, couplings and bolts.
  • Heavy Duty Machined Frame – Both drive roll and idler frame are machined after fabrication for accuracy and better alignment.  This helps to reduce spiral out movement of the tank or pipe when rotating. 

  • Non Marring Rolls – Both the drive and idler rolls are heavy duty iron core with extra thick urethane for long life and traction.  The rolls will not mar or scratch materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. 

  • Highest Quality Workmanship and Materials – The model EX-R10 rolls are manufactured to world class quality and come with a 1 year warranty.  We maintain a complete parts inventory available for immediate shipment if needed.  

Specifications Model EX-R10-A Turning Rolls 

Maximum load capacity per set………............. 20,000 lbs.

Maximum load capacity for Drive Roll Only....... 10,000 lbs

Maximum load capacity for Idler Roll Only.........10,000 lbs

Work-piece diameter range……………........... 15.8 to 120 inches  

Roll Speed……………………………............ 5.5 to 55 inches per minute 

Approximate Shipping Weight……………....... 1420 lbs 

Model EX-R10-A Tank Turning Rolls being used in production.

Above: Model EX-R10-A Tank Turning Rolls being used in production.

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