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The Pipe Bully Pipe Welding Positioner

Model PB1005 Pipe Bully Welding Positioner

The Pipe Bully offers mechanical contractors and pipe shops a low cost, high quality solution for rotating pipe, tubing and solid shafts.  Used with an outboard roller support, the Pipe Bully can rotate a large diameter range of pipe smoothly and efficiently.  The Pipe Bully is available in two different sizes. 

The Model PB2005:
2000 Pound Capacity with an Outboard Roller Support
The Model PB1005:
1000 Pound Capacity with an Outboard Roller Support

Pipe Bully Photos Here

The Model PB2005 Specifications

The Model PB1005 Specifications

Pipe Bully Positioner

Below: Pipe Bully Pipe Welding Positioners in production. Click images for more details.

Pipe bully welding positioner Pipe Bully 1005
Pipe Bully Pipe Bully Pipe Bully Welding Positioner
Pipe Bully Pipe Bully

 *Click here for Pipe Bully PB2005 outline drawings

Pipe Bully Standard Features:

Rotation Drive Massive heavy duty all worm gear rotation drive.  All of the gearing and bearings are fully sealed and lubricated for long life and safety.  There are no belts or chains to adjust or maintain.   

Variable Speed Infinitely variable speed table rotation.  Solid state DC control in a dust tight Nema 4 enclosure.  The DC control features an adjustable acceleration, de-acceleration, Forward/Stop/Reverse switch and power on indicating light. 

Foot Control Heavy Duty on/off foot control with 25 feet of cable.

Welding Ground Tweco 400 amp at 100 percent duty cycle rotary welding ground for conducting the welding current.

Input Power AC 120 volt 50/60 Hz single phase.  Easily located anywhere in the plant.

Frame Heavy Duty Frame and construction fixture welded for accuracy.

Outboard Roller Support An outboard roller support must be used for all pipe work. 

The maximum load capacity for the model PB2005 when used with an outboard roller support is 2000 lbs.

The maximum load capacity for the model PB1005 when used with an outboard roller support is 1000 lbs.

Pipe Bully Pipe Welding Rotator Positioner

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